Extended Life Oil Filters

KOHLER PRO Extended Life Oil Filters offer excellent filtering efficiency to maximize wear protection under extreme operating conditions for extended oil change intervals.  The premium 100 per cent synthetic micro-glass media delivers 99 per cent efficiency at 20 microns, one of the best ratings in the market, with nearly double the dirt holding capacity of standard filters. Filtering out particles larger than 20 microns helps to protect against engine wear. The filters feature low restriction to allow oil to flow through more easily during cold-temperature starts.

 KOHLER PRO Extended Life Oil Filters are a robust construction to ensure performance over the extended operating intervals.  The filter includes wire backed media, durable poppet relief valve, silicone anti-drain back valve and high temperature seal gasket.

 The KOHLER PRO Extended Life Oil Filters are offered in two options: #14 050 36-S exclusively for Command PRO CV173, CV200 and CV224 models and #25 050 53-S for most other Kohler engines.

KOHLER PRO Extended Life Oil Filters vs Standard Aftermarket



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