KOHLER PRO 10W-50 Synthetic Oil

Kohler worked with the experts at Amsoil to engineer a full synthetic oil exclusively for 300 our oil change intervals in hard-working KOHLER gas engines. Commercial equipment operators and homeowners alike can eliminate 2 of every 3 oil changes to get more work done and save money.

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Why KOHLER PRO 10W-50 Synthetic Oil?

  • 3X longer oil change interval

  • Engineered by Amsoil exclusively for Kohler

  • Full synthetic oil formulated specifically for extended oil change intervals in air-cooled engines

  • Guaranteed 300-hour oil change interval on most KOHLER® gas engines

  • 10W-50 viscosity for all season performance

  • Extra corrosion inhibitor for seasonal storage and multi-season use

  • Lower oil consumption than conventional oil

  • Warranty approved for KOHLER engines


  • 10W-50 viscosity formulated for all-season performance.

  • Extended operating range from -20°F to 110°F

  • Full synthetic base oil with zinc additive for superior wear protection under extreme operating conditions

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300Hr Kit Pop Up 1


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